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About Dr. Heather L. Miller


  • I know I have problems with my teeth and I wonder if it is too far gone. Can periodontal treatment actually help a degenerative situation?
    Answer: It is a known fact that periodontal treatment can help prevent the progression of the disease. In most instances with some bone support teeth can be saved with the right treatment and proper homecare.

  • I have always been afraid of the Dentist, I am thinking that periodontal work would be even worse! Is there much pain involved?
    Answer: By giving our patients the proper local anesthetic much like the anesthetic used by most general dentists to administer a filling, we can effectively treat with almost no discomfort. In fact, we can use a short acting anesthetic so that by the time your procedure is completed you no longer feel the effects of the anesthetic.

  • Does Insurance pay for Periodontal work?
    Answer: Most insurance plans provide partial or full coverage for most periodontal services. Please see our financial section to see what Insurance carriers we currently work with.

  • What can I do at home to prevent Periodontal Disease?
    Answer: Brushing, Flossing and use of mouth wash all aide in establishing proper home care. We encourage patients to bring in their homecare aids with them when they come to their first appointment so that we can educate them in their use.

  • How do I know if I have Periodontal Disease?
    Answer: Symptoms to look for and bring to your Dentists attention include: Bad Breath, loose or separating teeth, red swollen or tender gums, change in the way your teeth fit together and bleeding upon brushing are all symptoms indicating Periodontal Disease. Gums that are receeding or pulling away from the teeth causing the teeth to look longer then before and sores in your mouth are all inclusive of Gum Disease. If you have any of the symptoms listed above please call our office to schedule an appointment.

  • One of my parents has periodontal disease. Does it mean that I can also have it?
    Answer: Gum Disease has been found to have a genetic component. When a family member presents with the disease it is likely that there offspring may inherit it as well.

  • If I have periodontal Disease in my mouth can it travel or cause infection in other areas in the body?
    Answer: Periodontal Disease has been linked to other health problems including Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Stroke, Low Birth weight babies and heart and respiratory diseases.

  • If I have periodontal Disease, does that mean I will lose all of my teeth?
    Answer: No. Periodontal Disease can be treated quite effectively. However, early detection and treatment provides the best results.

  • How long will my procedure take and who will be doing the work?
    Answer: On the average a procedure Can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. All procedures are performed solely by Dr. Miller herself.